Favorite Webpages

Here are a site I’ve enjoyed along with few articles and references I’ve found useful over the years. Enjoy!

Favorite Sites

Dog Stuff

  • PetMD.com – An essential resource for all pet owners.
  • Thinking of getting a dog but deal with allergies? This list will help.
  • Thinking of getting a dog but don’t have much room (looking at you condo dwellers)? How can you say no to one of these little bundles of joy?
  • if you’ve got a little more space (like I do), then maybe you’ll want to take home of these bad boys.
  • Just good stuff to know when you’re picking up a puppy.
  • Important to know for every dog owner – steps to take if your dog eats chocolate.
  • A great little doggie nutrition tip here, and here as well.
  • Dailypuppy.com – Self Explanatory

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