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Getting High and Doing Stuff

I  love this blog post by Joe Rogan on why he loves to smoke weed and workout.  The average person thinks of lifting weights and getting high as two contradictory things – one makes you lazy so you don’t want to do anything, the other requires energy.

What these people don’t understand is that there are different kinds of weed.  Yes, types of Indica will give you a body high and you’re not going to get a good workout.  But for an experienced smoker, you can definitely get an incredible workout while high.  Not only that, but the sensations you get from working out high is really incredible.  Combine it with some great tunes, and there’s nothing like it.

I also just like getting high and browsing random stuff on the net.  Watching documentaries about animals, space, history – its a pretty cool experience.  I also just like reading interesting fact type list websites with lots of pictures.  This post on dangerous airports for example, or dangerous cities, on the most venemous animals.  Heck, even silly urban legend stories or ufo stories seem interesting.

If I’m in another mood, sometimes looking up hilarious lists is cool too, or watching stupid tv shows.  Pointless posts about people with weird names, ridiculous laws or just plain bizarre creatures gets me going too.

If you like watching crazy documentaries while high, check out  It really has a gold mine of documentaries you have to check out.

That’s about it for now.  Until next time.